A Navy SEAL’s 5 Tips to Train Your Dog

This is an interesting article and useful tips:

Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland is a
soft-spoken guy — but he knows how to get a dog’s attention. “It’s all
about how you carry yourself,” says Ritland, who is now paid up to
$100,000 per animal to train dogs for the military and homeowners at his Trikos school in Dallas.
“Training dogs for the military is no different than training your dog to
not bark — They always respond to non-verbal communication, reinforcement and
psychology.” In his new book How to Train Your Dog—The Navy SEAL Way, out today,
Ritland explains how to use the SEAL mindset to transform your dog into an
elite pet. “Whether I’m teaching a Belgian Malinois how to search a
building for someone to bite or training my grandmother’s Sheltie to stop
dragging her around the block on a leash,” he says, “I’m using all
the same principles.”

Read more: http://www.mensjournal.com/adventure/outdoor/a-navy-seals-5-tips-to-train-your-dog-20150129

I also came across with this article: https://pawsforpraise.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/five-steps-to-success-as-a-dog-trainer/


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