Must-See October Events in Toronto

October is a month filled with fun and joyful activities taking place around the city, such as festivals, marathons, Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations and much more. Here you will learn about interesting traditions and make sure you don’t miss out on all the activities October brings to Toronto!

1. Marathons and Running Events

37.Start.Runners.NRFTC.NationalMall.WDC.11May2013//’s go for a run before winter arrives to the city! Here are some marathons and running events happening this month: •  Come to the TO Women’s Run (October 24th) and run with more than 4,500 women through Sunnybrook Park and the Toronto Park system. This is a great opportunity to run through heart of Toronto and support the Pediatric Oncology group of Ontario. •  If you love trails and mud, the Mad Dog Scramble (October 25th) across Sunnybrook Park is perfect for you! •  Put your old Halloween costumes in use at the Monster Dash (October 25th). It’s all about fun and costumes!

2. Thanksgiving Day (October 12th)

Thanksgiving Turkey [327/366]// is a holiday celebrated every year in Canada on the second Monday of October. On this day we celebrate the harvest and all the blessings from the past year. For Thanksgiving you may want to be with your friends and celebrate this day all together over a great turkey dinner! Another great way to spend this day would be visiting the Black Creek Pioneer Village where you can celebrate Thanksgiving just like the settlers did!

3. World MasterCard Fashion Week (October 19th to 23rd)

Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011// you love fashion get ready for the largest fashion event in the city, where some of the best Canadian fashion designers will present their latest collections to the public. See the new fashion trends for 2016 on the runway and make sure you know all the fashion idioms and vocabulary before the event!

4. International Festival of Authors (October 22nd – November 1st)

LA Times Festival of Books 2010 - What Are You Reading?// International Festival of Authors is coming to Toronto for their 36th edition! Over 70 top authors will be presenting their contemporary world literature. Be part of the readings, interviews, discussions and book signings! Check their website for prices and the list of the authors.

5. Halloween (October 31st)

Happy Halloween 2007//

Mark your calendars, because October 31st will be a night to remember! Whether you decide to go to a party (or have one of your own!) or go trick-or-treating, don’t forget to wear your best costume! There are many events going on in Toronto on this spooky day, so don’t be shy and ask the ILAC activities team for more information!

Share your photos of this fun activities with us by using the hashtag #iloveilac !

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