ILAC Sponsors Lead 5050 Network

In celebration of International Women’s Day, it is our pleasure to announce the direction of our ILAC Foundation: to support women in leadership and scholarship, and with it, our collaboration with Lead 5050.

Lead 5050 is a global professional network founded to support women in education. Their vision is “to raise the profile of women in the international education industry and facilitate them into positions of leadership.”

Even though we are at the early development stages of our collaboration, we are thrilled for what’s to come. Our sponsorship and support of this initiative will bring endless opportunities to women around the world.

“Mentoring women to be successful should always make us proud,” said Jonathan Kolber, ILAC’s Co-President.

“My hope is Lead5050 will help me become a better mentor and father to my two young daughters.  A women’s world is our future and I want to help my daughters succeed.”

We are looking forward to working with this inspiring organization on amazing projects, including the #First50 & #5050champions to build platforms in the industry for gender equality.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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